When RealLinx was founded in 2002 the idea was simple:

Leverage our buying power to our customer’s advantage.

> We leverage multiple carriers to deliver the best possible pricing and performance.
> We obtain carrier-grade SLA’s and pass them on to you.
> We maintain tight relationships with senior executives with each carrier to ensure problems are resolved quickly.
> We employ over 30 Carriers to deliver an “anywhere” footprint — we can serve all your locations.
> We allow our carriers to focus on their network so that we can focus on your needs.


When you go directly to one of the bigger carriers, you lose. Consider this, How much does “the big guy” really care about your one or few circuits? It’s true, you may land a great deal, but if you think that includes great service and performance will also come with that deal… Well, let’s just say that we receive customers every day that come running from “the big guy.”

At RealLinx, we truly do care. We write big checks to our Carriers and have thousands of circuits on their networks. When we talk, they listen. This is how we are able to leverage our buying power to your advantage. By going with RealLinx, you get the same “big guy” carrier but through RealLinx, you have a voice that will be heard. With RealLinx, you get it all: price, performance, and service!